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SSuite Wind Turbine Management and Administration

Free Go Green Energy Software from SSuite Office

A full featured Client-Server Wind Turbine management / administration database...




Minimum System Requirements:

  • 800 x 600
  • Runs on all Windows systems - 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Database Engine - { MSDE - Free }


Click here to download MSDE 2000 original link from Microsoft - { Free for download }

Click here to download MS SQL Server 2000. {MSDE 2000} Release A - { Free for download - for Windows 98 - XP }

Click Here to download SQL Server 2019 Express. {New MSDE} - { Free for download - for Windows XP - 10 }



It is a secure client-server database application to archive, manage, and report on all aspects of Wind Turbine construction, maintenance, and administration.

The download file also includes a help file to show you how to attach a new database to SQL server or MSDE.

When the administrator logs in, only he can change the passwords, user level access. Only the database administrator has access to the administration settings.


Available Features:

- Insert images on construction progress and maintenance control.
- Create custom reports on Wind Turbines and technical inspections.
- Have control over access on construction, maintenance, and administration management.


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